LED - Let there be more light!

Today, on the longest day of the year, it may sound funny to be talking about artificial lighting, but it makes perfect sense to me.
Seattle City Councilmember Bruce Harrell has been talking up new street lighting that will be installed in two neighborhoods, Belltown and the Central Area
In the summer months, it may be hard to remember how dark and dreary it is around here much of the year. But city government has to do more to make people feel safe in their neighborhoods and in all parts of the city. The new LED lighting being installed in the Central District and Belltown not only lasts longer but casts brighter and truer light. LED lights can be found in Capitol Hill, West Seattle and South Park.
In April, the federal government picked Seattle to be a leader for LED street lights.
Good thing considering that the Seattle City Council failed to pass reasonable anti-agressive panhandling legislation and the mayor has stalled the hiring of 21 new police officers a year.
Public safety should be a city priority. Lighting is part of that but Seattle has a long way to go to make citizens feel safer.. .